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Why I Photograph Weddings – When I first started my career in Columbus wedding photography, I never thought I would enjoy photographing weddings as much as I do. I’m obsessed with emotions and details so it makes perfect sense. A lot of people ask me what my style is and I tell them I’m a storyteller. I use photojournalism seamlessly paired with classic posing techniques to tell the story of a wedding day. There is no part of the day that I don’t love to capture. From the getting ready photos all the way to the final few guests dancing at the reception, there is always something happening that needs to be remembered. I see wedding albums as instant family heirlooms. Your grandchildren and great grandchildren will love finding your old photos and I am proud to help create those wonderful memories. Please contact me any time if you have any questions about my services.


Q: Do we get the rights to all the photos?

A: Absolutely! I believe all of the photos belong to you so you get the full copyrights to every single image. You can print, share and copy the images all you want.

Q: How long have you been shooting weddings and how many have you photographed?

A: I shot my first wedding in 2001 and I have photographed over 300 so far.

Q: How long until we receive our photos?

A: I have the color corrected, ready to print photos uploaded to your personal website in 10-21 days.

Q: Can we give you a list of the photos we want?

A: Of course. Sending me a list is especially important for the formal family photos that you will want. That will also give me an idea of how long they will take to complete. Also, feel free to send a list of any other unique photos during the day that you will want. You can even send me a link to your Pinterest site if you would like me to see other photos that you admire.

Q: Can we have black and white or other effects added to our photos for our album?

A: Yes, and I encourage it! I do not charge a dime for converting photos to black and white, sepia tone, vintage, etc.

Q: Do you bring backup equipment?

A: Yes I do. I will never be caught without proper working equipment. I use only the best camera gear and I always have at least 3 camera bodies with me along with many lenses, flashes, batteries, etc.