bly-photography-columbus-wedding-photographer-brad-young    Portrait and wedding photography is an obsession of mine, not just a career. I love photographing couples, high school seniors, families, newborns, toddlers, maternity, corporate portraits, pets and any other type of portraits. We are all different from one another and there is nothing I enjoy more than seeing how these differences materialize in photographs. Whether you are young, mature, light skinned, dark skinned, tall, short or freckled, we should all show the world our beauty. Being a Columbus wedding photographer is a great joy to me and I am also always happy to travel anywhere my services are needed.

    I’m always on the lookout for new and unique portrait opportunities. I will sometimes offer discounted fees for some of the more rare ideas, although my rates are already very affordable! Are you a contortionist or a dancer? Are you fully covered in tattoos? Do you make costumes and need someone to photograph people modeling your creations? Even if you have a very unique themed wedding planned, I’d love to work with you and help you achieve the look you want.


    My name is Brad Young and I operate BLY Photography out of Columbus, OH and I specialize in portraits and weddings. I began thinking about photography as a potential career when I was in 8th grade, although I wasn’t serious about it at the time. My class was given an in class assignment asking “What Do I Want To Be When I Grow Up?” Considering I was 13 at the time, I hadn’t given the idea much thought. Doctor? Not for me. Lawyer? I’ve never won an argument in my life. Art class was always my favorite and I did pretty well too so I figured a career as an artist would be right for me. Photography instantly intrigued me because it was one of the only forms of art that I hadn’t much experience with. I began to daydream about it and I wrote down “photographer” on my assignment. After handing it in, I never forgot about that answer. I know that’s an unusual way to begin a quest for a career but the thought of it really stuck with me. It wasn’t until I received my first camera as a birthday gift a couple of years later that I truly knew that was my future.


    After graduating high school, I enrolled in my home town college, The University of Findlay in Ohio. I immediately signed up for a photography class and I fell in love on day one. The lectures, the projects, the film developing, the darkroom, I was obsessed with all of it. U of F only offered 2 photography courses and after I completed both of them I knew it was time to find a dedicated photography school. The next semester, I enrolled at The Ohio Institute of Photography and Technology in Dayton, OH where I would receive a degree in Portraiture. It was a small school where the professors and students were always on a first name basis. The personal attention I received there was incredible. I give all of my clients that exact same level of attention today.

Beginning a Career

    Just before graduating from OIP&T, I was offered a job at a new photography studio called On the Spot Digital Imaging located in Ada, OH. I worked with them on a couple of photo shoots until I could graduate and join them full-time. I quickly became the head photographer and helped train the new photographers coming in. On the Spot specialized in school composites, high school band, show choir and swimming photography. A studio space was purchased and I began photographing more high school seniors, children and families. Weddings would eventually become a bigger part of the business when we weren’t on the road at the show choir and swimming events. We traveled all over from North Dakota to New York to Florida and everywhere in between. Ron, the company founder and leader, tragically passed away about 5 years into the business and left everything in the hands of his more than capable wife Jeanette. It was always difficult to not see Ron when I walked into the studio each day but Jeanette was strong enough for us all and we continued on the way Ron would have wanted. We kept booking and shooting events and we were even able to book a larger number of weddings each year. After a few years Jeanette decided to retire and that gave me the perfect opportunity to open my own business. No matter where my career in photography takes me, I will never forget the job I had at On the Spot. Not only did that job teach me how to be a better photographer, but I was lucky enough to have worked with some of the most wonderful people I have ever met. We certainly have our fair share of unforgettable road trip stories!

BLY Photography

    I opened up shop in Findlay, OH immediately following my tenure at On the Spot but after 2 years I decided to relocate the business to Columbus. When I started BLY Photography I knew I wanted to focus more on weddings and I knew Columbus would open up more opportunities. Of all of the shoots I had done in the 7 years I spent with On the Spot, weddings are what I had enjoyed the most. I didn’t know it at the time but photographing show choir competitions and swimming events would truly help me to become a better wedding photographer. Those events are so fast paced that I had to develop the instinct to anticipate a great moment and be quick enough to get the shot. There is always movement and beautiful, fleeting moments happening at weddings and I have to be ready to capture them before they’re gone. The anticipation of those moments may be what I love best about being a wedding photographer. This business has been a dream come true for me. I get to do what I am passionate about and I get to work with people on the happiest days of their lives. I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for BLY Photography.


Bonus Material

I have always enjoyed reading more personal quirks about people so here are a few of my own:

I’m more obsessed with Halloween than any adult should be.

Sometimes I will go for a drive just because I want to listen to one specific song in the car.

If I’m not busy, I’m probably watching movies. Horror movies, bad movies, bad horror movies, silent comedies, Pixar movies and anything about WWII. Weird mix, I know.

I could ride roller coasters all day long. Cedar Point was a second home to me when I was growing up.

I go to Hocking Hills often although I’m not sure if it’s the hiking I go back for, or the hot tubs at the cabins. If you haven’t soaked in a hot tub on the patio of a secluded cabin in the morning waiting to catch a glimpse of the birds, deer and wild turkeys, stop reading and go now!

My favorite musicians are Jeff Buckley, Tom Waits, Sam Cooke, Leonard Cohen and Nina Simone.

I’m not that talented but I love playing my ukulele. For some reason, my favorite song to play is Rainbow Connection by Kermit the Frog.

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